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It’s LIT. The new sports podcast bringing that heat on the latest sports topics. Live guests, including professional athletes and celebrity sports personalities. We keep it One Hunnit!

Ep 3: Greg Jennings keeps it One Hunnit

June 2, 2017

The third episode of the weekly One Hunnit Podcast with Nelly and Remy features former All-Pro and Super Bowl winning WR, Greg Jennings. Listen as Greg talks about Brett Favre, the coldest game he ever played, Derek Jeter, trying to hit a curve ball, and much more. Other topics include the Twins, the Stanley Cup, Beast Mode of the Week, Least Mode of the Week, Sports Trivia with Jelly Beanboozled punishment for wrong answers, and the uber entertaining Views from the Hunnit where the hosts go back and forth with their views on 25 topics from the world of sports and more. Also introducing Preach Mode where Remy activates Preach Mode and goes on a Gospel inspired rant about a topic. Plus, our main man Skinny Jeans gives us his Top 3 Cold Blooded sports stories of the week. 

Shoutout to my man Ivan Mitchell a.k.a. Man of Hammond for those SICK gospel chords that will make a weekly appearance on the One Hunnit Podcast. 

Enjoy the show....We always keep it One Hunnit!